The Forgotten Realms

Icewind Dale (cont'd)

Act 2 - Deepwinter

Pirates of Lac Dinneshere

Crossing the tundra the group reach the base of Kelvin’s Cairn by dark and track a wounded crag cat back to a goblin guarded lair. The lair was infiltrated but the group fled when odds proved too formidable. They were pursued by cultists of the Ice Witch and a possible giant as well as the other large white crag cat. When the coast was clear the group headed towards the nearest town – Caer-Konig.

Caer-Konig (arrival and stay at The Northern Light inn, crag cat pelt presented for curing / cloak project)
-a group is in town selling “protective wards” for ships that fish Lac Dinneshere

Fishers and merchants in Caer Konig grumble about the pair of Luskanites who have tried to get “protective” money from them. A few boats are painted with elaborate symbols that supposedly guarantee protection from Lake pirate attacks. The owners of the boats are private owners and transferred ownership of their vessels to these Luskanite and now pay a modest monthly “rent” to continue using the boats.

The group got into it with the Luskanites and they had their way with the lady monk until she was saved by her companions Pylot Nother and Beckthain Whitebark. The group plan to meet with the speaker of the town and explore possible ways to help the area around Lac Dinneshere that has been plagued by pirate attacks lately from a boat affixed with a black demon effigy used as a ram…perhaps the same icy black rock that was encountered in the Dwarven valley.

As they are heading towards the speakers residence they see plumes of smoke from across the Lake! The larger town of Easthaven to the south appears under attack from these very pirates! The speaker of the town stands on a deck outside his residence shaking his head as he speaks with a servant and a few other town members standing near him.



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