The Forgotten Realms

Muder in Baldur's Gate

Strict laws, segregation and violence ran a muck in the city. Politics, drama and intrigue reigned supreme in and outside of the walls of Baldur’s Gate. In the end Duke Silvershield rose up as the Chosen of Bhaal. The adventurers had to put him down and in doing so cemented their legacy as Heroes in Baldur’s Gate.

Bekthain Whitebark felt slighted by Silvershield’s and Skoond’s ruse. He denounced his affiliation with The Watch and Silvershield having learned that these two were responsible for the majority of the brutal crimes in Baldur’s Gate as of late including the massacre at the gate and the bombing of the Parliament of Peers.

Pylot Venen continued his shadow association standing beside the Guild unbeknownst to his companions. Rilsa Rael shook off the influence of Bhaal and helped usher in a new era of desegregation within Baldur’s Gate.

Pwent Stonemuffin helped Ravengard break free from the influence of the God of Murder, Bhaal. In doing so he gained the trust of the marshal of the Flaming Fist. Pwent decided to venture onward in the Realms but still holds ties to the mercenary group.

Paige the Monk helped to steer a good portion of the Parliament of Peers away from the High Hall before it exploded, effectively saving the lives of those who listened to her.



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