The Forgotten Realms

Return to the Realms

The group returned from their mysterious journey to find a mountain sanctuary in flames. A paladin, Diamara Strongheart explained what happened, and petitioned the characters to venture inside and save the dream vault. The characters explored the sanctuary, seeking to restore the survivors’ memories and prevent the fires from destroying the vault. They also earned an unlikely companion in Greta, the sanctuary’s cook, whose mind has been transferred into the body of a ravenous owlbear.

The group dealt with the fire as well as a rogue fire elemental that broke free from a magical furnace. They were aided by a drow who was really Sten, the Dreamkeeper – his mind swapped with a infiltrator.

It turned out that Diamara’s mind has been swapped too, suggesting that Lugicorion, a mind flayer was masquerading in her body to continue its mission. Worse, a captive spirit that the paladin brought to the sanctuary to exorcise was set free: the wraith of Emirikol the Chaotic.

The group dealt with these issues and were gifted the Dream Staff as a reward.



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