Duke Torlin Silvershield (Deceased)

One of the four Dukes of Baldur's Gate; High Priest of Gond


See picture to the right.


Leader of the greatest noble house in the city and head priest of its grandest temple. Duke Torlin Silvershield helped to defend the city against Valarken’s coup years ago and helped found the Parliament of Peers. As the high artificer of the richest temple in Baldur’s Gate, that of Gond, god of innovation and technology, Duke Silvershield richly adorns himself with the excellently crafted techno- logical wonders of his god. The Gondar firmly believe in just rewards for labor, so displays of wealth are encouraged as proof of Gond’s favor. He fasts for long stretches and exercises daily, giving him a gaunt but fit appearance. His black hair has grayed at the temples, and he wears a well-trimmed salt-and-pepper beard.

Duke Torlin Silvershield (Deceased)

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