The Forgotten Realms

The Adventure Begins

A group of adventurers came together north of Baldur’s gate. Among them were Bekthain Whitebark, an elven ranger. Pwent Stonemuffin, a dwarven cleric. Pylot Venen, a human mage and Paige, a human monk. The four found their way into Baldur’s Gate via a merchant caravan they were escorting to The Wide on Founder’s Day, a grand holiday in Baldur’s Gate where no fee is charged for entry into the walled city.

The four found their way into the employ of various figures within Baldur’s Gate after Duke Abdel Adrian was unexpectedly slain by an assassin in The WIde resulting in a vicious monster erupting from the body of the Duke slayer. This unearthly beast was eventually brought down by the Heroes of the Wide. Imbralym Skoond approached Bekthain Whitebark while Blaze Ulder Ravengard approached Pwent Stonemuffin. Pylot Venen was also approached by Rilsa Rael in disguise.

The employers have had a hand in guiding the heroes in various directions offering guidance in a city that sits on the verge of a revolution. It is not clear who is “good” or “evil” in the bustling city of Baldur’s Gate. One thing is certain however, there is a tension in the air. Emotions run high as new decrees lead to class warfare and an organization comprised of those unlucky enough to be deemed a patriar fight back against a ruling class that threaten to drive the weak and weary from the very walls of Baldur’s Gate.

Can the heroes sort through the drama and intrigue that currently threatens to divide Baldur’s Gate? Or will vile schemes and power plays prove too much for the Heroes of the Wide…

Forgotten Realms: The Sundering
Murder in Baldur's Gate



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