The Forgotten Realms

Icewind Dale
Act 1 - The Drawing Down

After the events at the Dream Vault the group ventured down Kelvin’s Cairn and ran into a Barbarian from the Elk Tribe who was curious about the smoke coming from the mountain side.

Tribe of the Elk
-Crossing the Tundra (yeti attack, white dragon overhead and wolves circling)
-The Elk Tribe Camp (was attacked by the Bear Tribe; prisoners taken to be sacrificed)
-Evermelt and the Bear Tribe (tangled with the tribe, ride the chute down to the sacred chamber)
-The Ice Witch & The Remains of Icingdeath (simulacrum of the Ice Witch and the remains of a powerful white dragon)

After assisting the Barbarian people the group made their way towards the Dwarven Valley.

Halls of Black Ice
-Crossing the Tundra (tundra wolves)
-The Situation in the Valley (Dwarves at odds, black ice found)
-Necromatic activity in the mines (Stokely Silvershield asks for aid, zombies and giant spider attack – the voice of an ancient evil haunts them)

Pwent Stonemuffin insisted on staying with his kin to aid them in their problems. The rest of the group ventured on to investigate the Lac Dinneshere region. The dwarves warned the group about a pair of extra large all white crag cats that had been venturing ever closer to settlements as of late. When told about the Ice Witch and the Frostmaiden Auril the dwarves looked concerned but not familiar. They mentioned a devout merchant type zealot who roams from town to town that has been preaching the approaching apocalyptic wrath of the Frostmaiden for some time. He has not ventured into the Dwarven Valley so the dwarves are not familiar with his message in detail. They know his name is Davrick Fain and he runs a type of second hand store in the town of Bremen called Nine Knuckles.

Return to the Realms

The group returned from their mysterious journey to find a mountain sanctuary in flames. A paladin, Diamara Strongheart explained what happened, and petitioned the characters to venture inside and save the dream vault. The characters explored the sanctuary, seeking to restore the survivors’ memories and prevent the fires from destroying the vault. They also earned an unlikely companion in Greta, the sanctuary’s cook, whose mind has been transferred into the body of a ravenous owlbear.

The group dealt with the fire as well as a rogue fire elemental that broke free from a magical furnace. They were aided by a drow who was really Sten, the Dreamkeeper – his mind swapped with a infiltrator.

It turned out that Diamara’s mind has been swapped too, suggesting that Lugicorion, a mind flayer was masquerading in her body to continue its mission. Worse, a captive spirit that the paladin brought to the sanctuary to exorcise was set free: the wraith of Emirikol the Chaotic.

The group dealt with these issues and were gifted the Dream Staff as a reward.

An Unexpected Jaunt

Night of the Walking Dead synopsis.

Muder in Baldur's Gate

Strict laws, segregation and violence ran a muck in the city. Politics, drama and intrigue reigned supreme in and outside of the walls of Baldur’s Gate. In the end Duke Silvershield rose up as the Chosen of Bhaal. The adventurers had to put him down and in doing so cemented their legacy as Heroes in Baldur’s Gate.

Bekthain Whitebark felt slighted by Silvershield’s and Skoond’s ruse. He denounced his affiliation with The Watch and Silvershield having learned that these two were responsible for the majority of the brutal crimes in Baldur’s Gate as of late including the massacre at the gate and the bombing of the Parliament of Peers.

Pylot Venen continued his shadow association standing beside the Guild unbeknownst to his companions. Rilsa Rael shook off the influence of Bhaal and helped usher in a new era of desegregation within Baldur’s Gate.

Pwent Stonemuffin helped Ravengard break free from the influence of the God of Murder, Bhaal. In doing so he gained the trust of the marshal of the Flaming Fist. Pwent decided to venture onward in the Realms but still holds ties to the mercenary group.

Paige the Monk helped to steer a good portion of the Parliament of Peers away from the High Hall before it exploded, effectively saving the lives of those who listened to her.

The Adventure Begins

A group of adventurers came together north of Baldur’s gate. Among them were Bekthain Whitebark, an elven ranger. Pwent Stonemuffin, a dwarven cleric. Pylot Venen, a human mage and Paige, a human monk. The four found their way into Baldur’s Gate via a merchant caravan they were escorting to The Wide on Founder’s Day, a grand holiday in Baldur’s Gate where no fee is charged for entry into the walled city.

The four found their way into the employ of various figures within Baldur’s Gate after Duke Abdel Adrian was unexpectedly slain by an assassin in The WIde resulting in a vicious monster erupting from the body of the Duke slayer. This unearthly beast was eventually brought down by the Heroes of the Wide. Imbralym Skoond approached Bekthain Whitebark while Blaze Ulder Ravengard approached Pwent Stonemuffin. Pylot Venen was also approached by Rilsa Rael in disguise.

The employers have had a hand in guiding the heroes in various directions offering guidance in a city that sits on the verge of a revolution. It is not clear who is “good” or “evil” in the bustling city of Baldur’s Gate. One thing is certain however, there is a tension in the air. Emotions run high as new decrees lead to class warfare and an organization comprised of those unlucky enough to be deemed a patriar fight back against a ruling class that threaten to drive the weak and weary from the very walls of Baldur’s Gate.

Can the heroes sort through the drama and intrigue that currently threatens to divide Baldur’s Gate? Or will vile schemes and power plays prove too much for the Heroes of the Wide…

Forgotten Realms: The Sundering
Murder in Baldur's Gate



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