During a combat round you generally get one action from the following choices.

• Attack: Ranged or melee.

• Cast a Spell: (does not provoke opportunity attacks currently)

• Charge: Move half speed (min. distance 10’), make a melee attack, then turn ends.

• Coup de Grace: Unconscious creature you hit is an auto-critical, or dies if at 0.

• Disengage: Move half speed, avoids opportunity attacks

• Dodge: Advantage on Dex saves & attacks against you have Disadvantage.

• Escape Grapple: Str or Dex vs. Str of grappler to break free.

• Grapple: Str vs. Str or Dex to grab a creature. Success sets speed at 0. Drag grappled creature for +5’ per 5’ moved.

• Help: Give Advantage to another’s next relevant ability check or attack roll.

• Hide: Attempt to move stealthily (see stealth under Move)

• Hinder: Give Disadvantage to another’s next relevant ability check or attack roll.

• Improvise: Do something not covered bythe rules. Get creative! Shits crae!

• Knock Down: Str vs. Str or Dex to knock up to +1 size category creature prone.

• Ready: Trigger action as a reaction, happens after triggering event.

• Restrain: Str vs. Str or Dex of creature you have grappled.

• Search: Int check.

• Stabalize: DC10 Wis (Medicine) check to stabilize another.

• Use Item: Use an item

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