Death, Dying and Recovering

The following rules pertain to hit point loss, death, dying and recovering. There are no negative hit points in D&D Next. The exception to this rule is “Instant Death”, see bleow.

• Instant Death: If damage remaining after 0HP is greater than your HP maximum, you die.

• Death Rolls: When you start a turn with 0HP, roll a D20. 10+ is success; 3 successes stabilize you, 3 failures kill you. These totals reset when you regain any HP or stabilize. Natural 1: Counts as two failures. Natural 20: Regain 1HP.

• Damage at 0hp: Each time you take damage at 0hp, you suffer an automatic death save failure.

• Stabilize a Creature: DC10 Wis (Medicine) check to stabilize another as an action.

• Subdual: An attacker that reduces a creature to 0HP can choose to knock the creature unconscious instead of killing it.

• Short Rest: 1 hour. Can spend Hit dice to heal.

• Long Rest: 8 hours. Restores all HP and half Hit Dice.

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Death, Dying and Recovering

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