During a combat round you generally get one move. You may spit up your move between your action as you see fit.

• Difficult terrain: +5’ cost per 5’ moved.

• Walk: Move your normal speed.

• Hustle: Double speed, forgo action.

• Long jump: move 10’, leap up to Str score

• High jump: move 10’ then rise 3+Str mod

• Max height jumped: 1.5x normal height.

• Climb: +5’ cost per 5’ moved, may require check if slippery or few handholds.

• Swim: +5’ cost per 5’ moved, may require check if rough water.

• Drop prone: Costs 5’ of movement.

• Stand up: Consumes entire move, can’t stand if your speed is 0.

• Crawl: +5’ cost per 5’ moved while prone.

• Falling: 1d6 bludgeoning per 10’, 20d6 max, land prone if any damage taken.

• Stealth: Dex vs. Wis (passive)/Int (active search). Requires line of sight cover or heavily obscured, and stay quiet. Grants Advantage on first attack when hidden.

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