The Forgotten Realms

Icewind Dale (Pirate Hideout & Beyond)

After diplomacy with the speaker of the Caer-Konig the group sprung into action.

The group decided to locate the pirates on the lake. They had the ferryman take them so far that by sundown they could slip into a rowboat and make their way stealthily towards the far side of the lake and the suspected location of the pirates hideout.

The moon was particularly bright and aided the group travels. It also unfortunately aided the pirates in seeing them coming toward a 200’ hidden cove that help an abandoned trading outpost that the pirates were holed up in.

Flame arrows came sailing towards them as the rowboat stood still. There was a disagreement on the boat…the monk wanted to take the fight to the pirates, right here right now in a full on strike. Despite the fact that the group spied two pirate ships, one affixed with a black ice battering ram the monk figured she could take on the pirate contingent head on. Pylot was having none of this and tried to row away but Paige stopped him. In frustration he tried to boot her into the lake but she easily avoided the kick. It was not long before the pirates were upon them and after a one sided scuffle the group was taken prisoner.

The group was imprisoned but Pylot managed to secure a weapon and a lockpick from an unknown and unlikely ally. The group fought their way out of the hideout valiantly until numbers and uncertainty became overwhelming for them. In an act of desperation Pylot cast a magic spell on the captain of the pirates managing to befriend the man and turn the tables of the doomed escape.

After the group reunited (Pylot drinking with the captain and crew, Beck knocked out and Paige playing her part) a clever ruse found Paige in the captains tent. He tried to get frisky but in the end Paige was having none of it headbutting the man into oblivion. With their escape in hand the monk snapped and grabbed a short sword. She hacked the head off the captain and emerged from the tent in the middle of the pirate camp demanding the pirates to recognize her as their captain. They instead cut her down violently and swiftly. The situation was diffused by Pylot and Beck who created a distraction after recovering from the brink of death.

In the end the group along with a contingent of captives/turned pirates left on one of the ships while the pirates kept their ship the Howling Fiend affixed with the black ice demon ram. The group sailed away onto the lake and are now heading towards Easthaven where a majority of the captured crew hail from. The boat they are on also is a vessel taken from Easthaven.

On the way back the group saw Caer-Konig under attack so they stopped there but were not in time to aid the town. The group then took the fight to the Verbeeg Lair once again only to be driven out once more this time due to the untimely death of the Monk. The ranger and rogue made arrangements to take her body to Easthaven to seek a cleric capable of raising the heroine. The night before they left however Pylot was attacked in his room by Rycher, The Wildman and his renaming white crag cat. With the help of the ranger the rogue defeated the man who was hellbent on seeking revenge for what they had done to his beloved pet.

Before setting out for Easthaven on the ferry Pwent showed back up and agreed to accompany the group. The heroes caught up on what was happening in the Dale. The Arcane Brotherhood was attempting to secure trade lands here in the Dale right from under the dwarves noses in the Valley. They promised to return to drive the dwarves from their homes and take the lands by force. The black ice is stiall a problem in teh valley as Baerick Hammerstone will not listen to reason.

In Easthaven the group found no one capable of raising the monk but got a lead on an ex-adventurer cleric from Bryn Shander that could do the task. They paid passage and made their way to the town. On the way yeti’s, a winter wolf and the simulacrum of the Ice Witch attacked them in an attempt to destroy the group. They failed and the adventurers made their way to Bryn Shander and had the monk raised after securing a very pricey diamond from a local oddity store.

The group also attended a town hall wherre the coucil of Ten-Towns aligned to move against the Ice Witch. Pwent stood in for Stokely and vouched that the dwarves would help as well. Beckthain gave a impassioned speech that rallied many to the cause. The barbarians Hengar and Soren joined the group to seek clues to the Ice Witch’s lair at the Verbeeg Lair on Kelvin’s Cairn.

Before leaving town Beckthain and Pylot each had a private meeting respectively.

There were many encounters driven by the Ice Witch at the parties caravan along the way to the mountain lair. It was a grueling journey with wretched weather and near endless monster encounters which made travel slow going. At the lair the group laid waste to a contingent of remaining goblins but otherwise the lair was empty. The group did find a curious mirror that Pylot learned to use that allowed vision and transport to the Ice Witch’s tower…however when scrying for too long the Ice Witch peered back at Pylot from the other side of the mirror begging the question. “are you going to pay me a visit?” with a vicious smile. “I cannot wait to entertain all of you…”



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