The Forgotten Realms

Icewind Dale (The Tower of the Ice Witch)

The group decided, after much deliberation, to take the fight to the Ice Witch. Pylot activated the mirror only to find a group of barbarians including the King of the Bear tribe. The group entered the Ice Tower with two barbarians from the Elk Tribe in tow, Hengar and Soren. Despite not wanting to rush into things the monk punched a barbarian in the face as a one-on-one test of might began between Pwent and the King. The scene devolved into a large scale fight that the group managed to overcome.

Ascending to the second level into relative darkness the group encountered the Ice Witch herself. There was little banter and Hedrun ordered a concealed wizard, Akar Kessel, to eliminate the party with the aid if an icy air elemental. A column of air rose in the middle of the chamber eighty feet into the air creating an area of lift. The group used this awkward flight to face off with the air elemental in mid-air after besting Kessel on the ground.

The air elemental proved to be more bark than bite as the group made it to the third and final level. Hedrun called out to Auril for aid and the Frostmaiden animated two statues of herself to help the Ice Witch defeat the party. The fight was vicious and in the end only Soren, the ranger and cleric stood tall when the Ice Witch fell for good. As in Baldur’s Gate, a deity had chosen a young but powerful host for their divine goals. Once again the Heroes thwarted the wishes of the god’s. Pylot and Paige were taken care of and after trying to search the tower the place began to tremor and come apart. The group had no choice but to return to the Verbeeg Lair through the magic mirror. They then eventually returned to Bryn Shander via Lac Dinneshere and the Dwarven Valley where they were hailed as heroes across the entire dale!



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