The Forgotten Realms


After leaving the Dale the group went to Luskan. Paige seemed anxious to get to the town of Greenest southeast of Baldur’s Gate. The group traveled by boat and stopped off in Waterdeep and Baldur’s Gate. Once the group arrived in Greenest they found it under siege by a blue dragon, kobolds and cultists. They were looting the town to assemble a hoard for the dragon Queen’s return. Here the hero’s aided the town throughout the night while the monk searched for someone named Leosin. She separated from the group while they saved the mill, took prisoners, defended the sally port, defended the keep from a dragon attack, saved villagers from the sanctuary of Chauntea and engaged in a one-on-one challenge with Cyanwrath, a half-dragon warrior of some skill.

In the end the looters sacked the town successfully but with little casualties. They left town towards the southeast but the heroes were too tired to track them immediately. They needed to rest.



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