The Forgotten Realms

Icewind Dale (Before the Melting)

Neutralizing the threat of Hedrun, the Ice Witch does not bring immediate relief to Icewind Dale. Auril’s wrath is unrelenting, and the rest of winter is no less harsh than its beginning. But the beast attacks on the local populace cease as do the raids by the Bear tribe. Word of your heroic deeds spread throughout Ten Towns. The people of the Dale settle in to wait out the winter, as they do every year. And they seem comfortable in the fact that the reign of the Ice Witch is finally at an end.

The black ice tower crumbles to the ground leaving a jagged foundation of the substance in its wake. Word of your heroism is accompanied by words of warning in regards to the black ice substance. Slowly but surely the people of the Dale become educated about the toxicity of the substance. Many willingly relinquish items and others agree to sell theirs so that they can be destroyed.

Once the pirates were rounded up their threat did not return. The pirate cove was routed and the ships returned to their respective towns. The speaker of Caer-Dineval agrees to part with the black ice ram that was recovered from the pirate ship – The Howling Fiend. The creation is brought to Stokely Silverstream in the Dwarven Valley who, with the help of his kin, destroy the vile effigy and many other items that you have managed to round up once and for all. Rounding up all of the ice is near impossible. Especially considering the location of tower foundation of the Ice Witch, north of the Sea of Moving Ice.

We find the characters in Bryn Shander. The town recently had a new speaker appointed. A wizard named Vaelish Gant who’s character was publicly called into question by Pwent Stonemuffin. Pwent claimed that a representative of Gant’s came to the Dwarven Valley with a contingent of miners. They began mining the valley and when told to stop by the dwarves the representative tried to arrange the sale of the valley on behalf of the Arcane Brotherhood, allowing the dwarves to live there but taxing them for using the mines they have worked for years. The dwarves forced the contingent back but not before they promised to return and drive the dwarves from their valley. Pwent then demanded to see these trade agreements. No such agreements have been brought forth however. The death of the Ice Witch has done much to distract from Pwent’s accusations however and life as normal goes on in Bryn Shander.

Beckthain has done some asking around and determined that the former speaker of the town, Duvessa Shane, was ousted from power on a vote of confidence. On a simple follow up with notable persons in town the ranger found out that many prominent people in town spoke out against her on account of her inability to contain the protection racket being run by Slim in town, on the urging of one Vaelish Gant. Duvessa then suspiciously went missing before the public hearing; an occurrence the sheriff of town noted was extremely out of character for her. She never appeared for the town vote, allowing Vaelish Gant, a wizard from Luskan, the opportunity he needed to cease control of the town. His promise to quell the protection racket seemed to work but the characters know better…the extortionists just moved on to the Lac Dinneshere region of the Dale. Gant’s character seems even more in question now.

Beckthain and Pylot traveled to Targos after the ranger got a tip that Duvessa was trying to rally support there. On the way the duo was mauled by a polar bear. The bear was protecting her cubs and the duo did not slay her. They forced her away and traveled on to Targos. In the shanties outside the walled city the ranger and charlatan learned that Duvessa was kidnapped by Slim on behalf of Gant. Once voted out he silenced her rebuttal. She petitions the heroes to vouch for her and help her take back Bryn Shander.

Wanting evidence Beckthain and Pylot tracked down Marek the Shank, a hobgoblin with a bunch of thugs at a hideout cave on Kelvin’s Cairn south side. Pwent tagged along but and tended to the campsite. The ranger and the charlatan routed the cave and found evidence of Gant’s involvement with not only Slim and the extortionists, but the ousting of Duvessa Shane as well. In the hideout the ranger also found the missing crate of silvered weapons as well as Auron’s, a Harper, body.

The duo then travelled back to Targos and informed Duvessa of what they learned. She was ecstatic and eager to present the evidence at the council of ten towns in Bryn Shander. Gant’s ambitions may be taking a turn for the worse…

A vote was taken a Gant ousted once evidence was presented. Many months pass but eventually Auril’s grip on the region loosens with the coming of The Melting. The North/South pass opens and with it trade starts to enter and leave the area once again heading south toward Luskan. As word travels around town about the possibility of the heroes departure many glasses are raised in their honor. People toast them in taverns, thank them on streets, and give them places of honor in mead halls throughout Ten Towns. Even though some troubles remain in the area the heroes have every reason to be proud of their achievements. The Heroes of the Wide have become the Heroes of Icewind Dale.



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